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Ruth Ann Gaspari

My story begins on March 17th 2013 when I got that dreadful call that my son Robert Rebyak age 26, was in the hospital accidental overdose on life support. I was told I probably wouldn't make it by the time I got there.

The next 3 and a 1/2 weeks were a living hell watching my son lay there not waking up, not being able to speak, not being able to move. I lost my son, Robert on April 9th 2013.

Robert was a kind individual the life of the party. He made everyone laugh, I always called him the mayor of the town he lived in because everybody knew him... then my Journey began. Life has never been the same. First year I was numb. Second year was harder.and now almost 6 years later, I live with the same heartbreak as the day he left this earth. I have tried to help others. I became a certified recovery coach specialist to help others. And I run a grief groups for people lost a child to addiction. I put all my pain and energy into trying to help others in any way I can.

Even for my job I help children with special needs and elders with disabilities. So as a grieving mom, my heart is forever broken but I put 1' forward everyday and try to help anyone that I possibly can. I don't wish this journey on anyone

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