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Holly Webb

My name is Holly Webb

Like many, my story started out being prescribed pain pills.  I was on then for a few years for multiple reasons and one day my Dr said here you go as he handed me my last script going from 3 a day to nothing.  I was a mother of 4 BEAUTIFUL children at that point and couldn't be sick.

I decided to use heroin which was easily available and went down hill from there.  My boyfriend and I used and ended up losing our children to DCPP.  It felt like I had died , I couldn't breath, what was the point in living anymore? My babies weren't with me anymore! I let that lead me into the darkness instead of looking for strength.  Eventually I decided to get methadone and when I started using it properly it was a blessing.

I found out I was pregnant and decided that God let this happen for a reason and that this pregnancy was my saving grace and was going to be what I needed to continue on the right path . Methadone saved me and allowed me to continue to be there for my other children as well as my new baby. I used to be ashamed and now I feel empowered to be a survivor and want to share my story to help others see the light that took me so long to see. 

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